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Mazda6 Sport Wagon

Detailed information of 01 May 2008 Mazda6 Sport Wagon

Mazda6 Sport Wagon (01 May 2008)

Body type: station wagon

Displacement: 1998

Body size: 4765 × 1795 × 1450 ···

Catalog available: catalog available from here


Sedan, to prepare a hatchback and three of the body, second generation wagon sporty middle class model. Japan’s appearance that beauty was a design cue, representing the stylish in the subsequent from the belt line to the rear line. The room is also summarized in the sporty, the sense of quality by the material, remembering the dignity in the elaborate make-inclusive, including the interior and exterior. Luggage compartment is improved ease of use, and the like to ensure and tonneau cover to be linked to the opening and closing of the rear gate, the width of the rear end. Equipped with a 2.5L engine of 2L and regular specification. 2WD is the 5AT with an active adaptive shift to select the optimal shift, the 4WD to adopt the 6AT. The Z is also available 6MT. In addition, including the system to inform the information, such as the back of the blind spot, it was equipped with a large number also advanced safety technology. (2008.1)

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